Why Hampton Roads Is the Most Dangerous Part of Virginia for Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. However, some areas of Virginia are inherently more dangerous than others. One of those areas is Hampton Roads. Hampton Roads encompasses Hampton, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. This region has recently been deemed one of the most dangerous areas of the state for car accidents. What makes this region a lightning rod for car crashes?

Here’s why the Hampton Roads area is so dangerous for motorists and what you can do to protect yourself.

Hampton Roads Is the Most Dangerous Part of Virginia for Car Accidents

Do you suddenly feel anxious when driving through the Hampton Roads area? Have you driven past one too many car accidents in the region? You aren’t imagining things. Studies suggest that the Hampton Roads area leads all metropolitan areas in Virginia for the number of car accidents statewide. Hampton Roads crashes even significantly outpace accident numbers in areas like Richmond and Northern Virginia.

A report from the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization shows that the area has the highest rate of car crashes in Virginia, with at least 1.8 crashes per million vehicle-miles of travel. That far outpaces other crash statistics in Virginia. Data also indicates that the dangerous uptick in the number of crashes in the area may be decades in the making, with a significant upswing in crashes since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statistics from the Virginia Department of Transportation show that although the number of drivers on the road was down during the pandemic, fatalities on local roadways were increasing. Over a three-year period from 2020 to 2022, the state’s annual number of crashes skyrocketed from 105,589 to 122,430. Fatalities were also up in 2022. The fatality rate in Hampton Roads was up 38 percent in the period from 2019 to 2021.

Why Is the Region Dangerous?

Statistics show an upward trend in traffic-related crashes and fatalities, but why is the Hampton Roads area prone to dangerous car accidents? Some suggest that speeding and distracted driving have become more prevalent in the region. During a recent meeting, researchers also suggested that alcohol use is on the rise, leading to more devastating drunk driving accidents in Hampton Roads.

To combat the growing problem, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization conducted a safety survey to help them understand the most common problems Hampton Roads drivers face and identify dangerous intersections and areas where safety is a top concern for residents. Members hope the data they gather from the public will help them develop their new 2024 -2027 Transportation Improvement Program. The project seeks to address some of the primary concerns officials and motorists have with safety in the Hampton Roads area by pouring money into traffic management projects, bridge replacement, and bike and pedestrian facilities.

The organization Drive Safe Hampton Roads is also doing its part to help address safety concerns in the region by increasing community involvement and awareness of traffic safety issues and local hazards. Education and awareness are powerful tools that help drivers in the area understand the potential dangers on local roadways and how they can take proactive steps to keep themselves and others safe.

Injured in a Hampton Roads Accident? Contact a Virginia Beach Car Crash Lawyer

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