Child Injury Lawyer

Child Injury Lawyer

Child Injury Lawyer

Scrapes, bumps, and bruises are unavoidable facts of childhood. But when your child gets seriously hurt through no fault of their own, it can be very upsetting not only for your child but you as well. You might be entitled to compensation for your child’s injuries. However, claiming that compensation is rarely straightforward.

No one can undo what has happened to your child, but the knowledgeable legal team at Deering Hedrick can help you protect their rights and pursue the recovery they deserve. To learn more about your options, continue reading or contact us for your initial case review.

Top Causes of Child Injuries

Let’s review some of the most common causes of child injuries:

  • Slips, trips, and falls – Children are more likely to fall due to their natural curiosity and tendency to explore, often without regard for the risks. They also have limited coordination and balance, making them more likely to trip or slip.
  • Traffic accidents – Children have smaller bodies than adults, so they are more vulnerable to severe injuries in traffic accidents, especially if they are not using an appropriate safety seat.
  • Driveway accidents – Many people think of their driveways as a safe haven for children, but a driveway is a hazardous spot for a small child. Many driveway accidents occur because drivers fail to check their surroundings before backing out of or pulling into a driveway.
  • Bicycle accidents – Many children lack the coordination necessary to safely navigate traffic and other hazards. Children are also less experienced bike riders, which can make accidents more likely.
  • Pedestrian accidents – Children are more likely to travel on foot, and many do not understand the dangers of crossing streets or the importance of obeying traffic signals. Children are also more likely to make risky moves, such as darting into the road or crossing streets without paying attention.
  • Sports accidents – Children who play sports are still developing physically and sometimes lack the coordination, strength, or experience to participate safely. Many sports involve lots of physical contact or the use of dangerous equipment.
  • Drowning and suffocation – Curious, unattended children can easily drown. They can also suffocate if they become stuck in small spaces, get trapped in abandoned refrigerators or cars, or play with plastic bags.
  • Accidental ingestion or insertion – Young children explore by putting things in their mouths, noses, and ears. Children’s smaller airways, digestive tracts, and other orifices make them more susceptible to insertion injuries, and accidental ingestion of poisonous substances can easily prove fatal.
  • Animal bites and attacks – Children are less likely to understand how to behave around animals, so they might approach animals eagerly without regard for the risks involved. Furthermore, children are smaller and weaker than adults, so they are much more vulnerable to bites, scratches, and attacks.

Who Could Be Liable for My Child’s Injuries?

Any party could be liable in a child injury claim if their negligence, carelessness, or intentionally harmful behavior contributed to your child’s injuries. Depending on the circumstances, you could hold one or several of the following parties liable:

  • The child’s other parent or guardian – Your child’s other parent or guardian could be liable if the child got hurt because of their negligence, such as leaving the child unattended or failing to secure dangerous items in the home.
  • A childcare provider – Another caregiver, such as a babysitter or daycare provider, could be liable for child injuries that occur under their supervision.
  • A school or school employee – A school system or employee could be liable if your child got hurt on school property or school-provided transportation.
  • A motorist or other road user – A car driver, truck driver, motorcyclist, cyclist, or another road user could be liable if their behavior on the road contributed to your child’s injuries.
  • A product manufacturer – A product manufacturer could be liable if they produced and sold a dangerous or defective product that harmed your child.
  • A property owner – A property owner could be liable if their property had an attractive nuisance that drew your child to the property and caused them harm.
  • An animal owner – An animal owner could be liable if they failed to properly restrain or secure their animal and your child got hurt as a result.

Who Can File a Child Injury Claim in Virginia?

If children get hurt in preventable accidents in Virginia, they have the same right to seek compensation and accountability for their losses as adults. This includes asking for damages for their medical expenses, long-term disabilities, and pain and suffering.

However, your child cannot file a claim or negotiate a settlement on their own, so you can usually take action on their behalf as a parent or legal guardian. When you file on behalf of your child, you can request compensation for any medical bills or wage losses you incurred due to their injuries, as well as additional money for expected future needs.

How Can a Child Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Pursuing fair compensation for your child’s injuries can be difficult. The liable party or their insurance company might insist that your child was responsible for their own injuries or refuse to pay for certain aspects of their care. And if you don’t have the knowledge or experience to understand the full value of your claim, it’s all too easy to walk away with less than your child deserves. That’s why it’s always a good idea to seek help from a seasoned child injury lawyer.

At Deering Hedrick, our talented lawyers are ready to handle every aspect of your child’s injury case, no matter how complex. Our principal attorney, Mike Deering, is a skilled litigator who isn’t afraid to stand up to big corporations and advocate aggressively for his clients. Attorney Chris Todd Hedrick also has years of experience championing the rights of children and families who are facing tough challenges. Together, our gifted attorneys will stop at nothing to ensure you and your child get the resources you need for a better tomorrow.

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