Five Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Are More Complicated

Motorcycle accident cases are often complex. Proving fault can be challenging. You should not pursue action against the negligent driver without an experienced attorney.

Below are five reasons motorcycle accidents are more complicated than car crashes.

Bias Against Motorcyclists

Many people believe motorcyclists are reckless. It’s common for drivers, insurance companies, and jurors to believe riders engage in dangerous behaviors that put others at risk of injuries, even when that wasn’t the case. When accidents happen, the consensus is often that the motorcyclist is at fault.

However, other motor vehicle drivers can be liable for motorcycle crashes. They might ignore riders or be unable to see them in their blind spots. They speed, run red lights, and do other things that endanger motorcyclists’ safety.

Insurance Companies Don’t Play Fair

The next obvious step after seeking medical care is to file an injury claim. You might think the insurance carrier is on your side. However, their main goal is to save money. A payout will negatively affect the insurer since motorcycle accidents tend to involve high medical bills and expenses.

Instead of offering the full amount of insurance money available under the policy, the insurance company will likely lowball you. They hope an accident victim will be desperate enough to accept any money they’re offered. Insurers also have natural biases against motorcyclists and might deny the claim believing the biker was at fault.

Inexperienced Riders Are at a Disadvantage

Motorcycles differ significantly from other motor vehicles. They require different maneuvers. Riders must focus on the drivers around them and be ready to react to other vehicles entering their space.

The insurance carrier might try to use your inexperience against you if they find out you haven’t ridden for long. They can focus on your lack of experience as a contributing factor to the crash, preventing you from recovering compensation in a lawsuit.

More Severe Injuries

Motorcyclists can sustain debilitating or life-threatening injuries in accidents, especially involving cars or trucks, because riders don’t have protection from the various elements of a collision. They’re not in an enclosed vehicle, and the lack of enclosure leaves them vulnerable to flying debris. Without a seatbelt, they can be ejected from the bike. They’re likelier to get killed on impact or suffer disabling injuries when a car strikes them.

Since motorcycle accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries, the losses are also massive. Medical bills can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, treatment can last months or years, and physical pain and suffering can be significant. Thorough investigations are necessary to determine liability and establish the true value of the case.

Misunderstandings About Motorcycles

Besides biases against riders, many people don’t understand motorcycles. During a trial, jury members take into consideration every aspect of the case to determine whether the driver is at fault and whether the motorcyclist should receive compensation. However, jurors often have limited knowledge of motorcycles and how to ride them.

A lack of understanding will likely work against you in court. The jury could decide the driver shouldn’t be financially responsible for your injuries because you assumed the risk by riding a dangerous vehicle. They might also view you as a stereotype, believing you’re a criminal, gang member, or daredevil. Juries must be instructed about motorcycle safety and how to properly ride a motorcycle.

Fight for the Justice You Deserve with Help from a Dedicated Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Don’t let the public’s opinion or biases get in the way of the compensation you deserve. You should seek prompt legal action to hold the at-fault driver accountable for harming you.

With decades of experience fighting for accident victims, Deering Hedrick is ready to aggressively pursue a positive outcome to your motorcycle injury claim. We will protect your rights and remain by your side until the end. 

If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries in a motorcycle accident, call 757-383-6848 for a free consultation about compensation today.

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