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What Should You Bring to Your First Meeting with a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you were injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you probably know that hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is a critical step you can take toward personal and financial recovery. But when it’s time for your first meeting with an attorney, it’s common to feel uncertain about what to expect.

To ease your anxiety and help you prepare for this important initial meeting, the legal team at Deering Hedrick has compiled the following list of documents, items, and information you should bring with you.

Medical Documents and Details

Your medical records and related bills will be important evidence in your personal injury claim. This documentation can give your attorney an idea of your physical condition, the direct and indirect effects of the incident, and the financial costs of necessary treatment.

It’s a good idea to bring:

  • Documentation of your medical diagnoses and any treatment you receive
  • The names and addresses of any ambulance services, hospitals, or other facilities that transported or cared for you
  • The exact dates of your admission to and release from the hospital
  • Medical bills from doctors, specialists, therapists, hospitals, and other facilities
  • Documentation explaining any future treatments recommended by your doctor
  • A list of your previous and current prescription medications

Insurance Policy Information

If you have health insurance or any auto insurance policies that could cover your expenses after a crash, bring this information too. Your attorney can help review your policies and determine exactly how much coverage is available.

If you have any insurance policy information from the other parties involved, the initial meeting is a good time to present this to your lawyer as well.

Proof of Lost Work and Income

If your injuries were severe enough that you had to miss work as a result, you’d need to provide proof of your reduced hours and income to claim compensation for your losses.

When you meet with your personal injury attorney, bring along documentation such as your W2, pay stubs, or copies of your schedule as evidence of the time you missed and the reductions to your usual take-home pay.

Other Important Information

If you have any other documentation or evidence that can shed light on how the incident occurred, the extent of your injuries, or other consequences of the incident, be sure to bring it with you, too. Examples of information that could be useful to your attorney include:

  • Police accident reports, if you were injured in a car crash
  • Other incident reports, such as employer accident reports, if you were injured at work, or a business accident report, if you were injured at a retail store
  • Photographic or video evidence of the scene of the accident, any surrounding conditions, and any visible injuries of yours

Questions Your Attorney May Ask

Depending on the nature of your injuries and the incident that caused them, you should prepare for your attorney to ask one or more of the following questions:

  • What is the nature of your injuries, and how are they affecting you now?
  • Have you visited a doctor for diagnosis or treatment?
  • Have you spoken to any insurance representatives or other attorneys about what happened? If so, what did you say? Was your statement recorded?
  • Are you employed, and if so, where? How long have you been employed, and what do your job duties entail?
  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions? Have you been involved in any other accidents?

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After a serious injury, a personal injury lawyer can manage the time-consuming process of claiming compensation while you focus on your health. To learn more about how we can relieve some of your stress after a Virginia accident, contact Deering Hedrick for your free initial consultation.

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