How To Get Divorced In Virginia

Getting divorced in Virginia Beach is not as simple as going down to the courthouse and simply filing a piece of paper saying that you want a divorce. Instead, there can be complicated procedural steps that must be followed in order to get a divorce. I like to say that there are two ways to get divorced in Virginia.

The first is on an uncontested basis. This is when the parties have resolved the terms of their divorce between themselves. Oftentimes they place those terms into a separation agreement and simply just want to get divorced. At that point. This process is much more simple and much quicker.

The second way to get divorced is on a contested basis. If a divorce is contested, it means the parties are clearly fighting with one another regarding the terms of their divorce. And oftentimes there are fault grounds involved. Fault grounds can include:

  • Abandonment
  • Desertion
  • Cruelty
  • Constructive desertion

Additionally, in a contested divorce, the issues of spousal support, child support, custody visitation, and the distribution of your assets or debts are usually heavily contested. A contested divorce requires court intervention. The court usually must rule on some of these issues and oftentimes a trial is necessary.

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