Five Common Mistakes When Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim in Virginia

If you were injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, feeling a whirlwind of emotions and stress is completely understandable. As if worrying about your injuries and recovery wasn’t enough, now you may be facing financial difficulty because of necessary medical treatment on top of the time missed from work.

The financial implications of an accident as well as the recovery process can be overwhelming to navigate. In addition to those areas, there are complex aspects of filing a personal injury claim in Virginia where people also make common mistakes. These mistakes include skipping medical treatment, talking with an insurance adjuster, and not hiring an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney to help with your claim.

Skipping Medical Treatment

After you’ve been injured in an accident or suffered injuries because of a negligent party’s actions, you may not think you need medical attention. However, skipping medical treatment could be a major mistake not only for your health and wellbeing but also for the success of any future personal injury claim.

To be compensated for your injuries, you have to show proof of your injuries and proof that the wrongdoer’s actions caused your injuries. The best evidence for proving your injuries is medical documentation and records. When you seek medical treatment for your injuries, the medical professionals who treat you will document the extent of your injuries and any treatment and procedures you need for recovery.

Speaking to an Insurance Adjuster

If you’ve been injured by someone in an accident, their insurance company might contact you early on. Insurance adjusters are insurance company employees who investigate accidents and handle injury claims. One common mistake people make is discussing their claim with an insurance adjuster before retaining a skilled personal injury lawyer to negotiate on their behalf.

An insurance adjuster may try to speak to you about the accident and your injuries. Their goal is to ask you questions in the hopes of you inadvertently admitting fault in the accident. Through Virginia’s contributory negligence law, if you were in any way at fault for the accident, you wouldn’t be entitled to receive any compensation for your injuries. Speaking to an insurance adjuster can weaken or eliminate your ability to obtain compensation. So, it’s best to avoid communication with any representative from the insurance company.

Settling Too Early

Insurance companies always want to pay the least amount of money possible in injury claims. One way they do this is to contact injured victims to try to settle their claims quickly. Insurance companies often offer injured victims low-ball settlements which are usually much less than the injured party’s claim is worth. Don’t make the mistake of accepting an insurance company’s first settlement offer until speaking to an attorney.

Waiting to Hire an Attorney

Another common mistake is waiting to hire an attorney to help you pursue compensation for your injuries. It’s understandable to be focused on healing from your injuries. But an attorney can fight for you to obtain the compensation you deserve while you’re solely focused on your recovery. An experienced attorney can ensure you’re not taken advantage of in the claim process.

Thinking You Can’t File a Claim

You may avoid taking the necessary steps to preserve your right to file a personal injury claim because you simply don’t think you’re eligible to file a claim or that your accident and/or injuries don’t warrant you filing a claim. Don’t disregard your right to pursue compensation for your injuries. Speak to an experienced attorney to find out your legal options.

Contact the Experienced Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer at Deering Hedrick

Have you been injured in an accident in Virginia? Was the accident caused by someone else? Did you sustain injuries due to a company’s or individual’s negligence? If so, you may be able to pursue compensation for your injuries.

The Virginia personal injury lawyers at Deering Hedrick can help you seek the compensation you deserve. We fiercely represent our clients to ensure their rights are protected and the negligent party is held accountable.

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